When we started, we were crystal clear about certain things that we would not budge an inch away from.

We would never build anything that we wouldn't want to live in.

We would never treat customers the way we Wouldn't want to be treated.

We would never offer customers something we Wouldn't want to buy.

Apart from the above cornerstones of our foundation, there are more factors you might want to know about.

Our Core Values


We care for your safety as much as anyone else does in this world. A soil test analysis is mandatory for any construction we undertake. Based on the results of this report, we design the foundation for your home. We also generate a water test report that certifies the quality of water in the water table and suitability for construction at that particular site.


We want to present you with a home that would stand the test of time. We put in a great deal of effort in our structural designs that is done in accordance with the soil test report and seismic zone classifications. We sure envision reminiscing about the good old days and revel in all the good things we’ve accomplished over a cup of filter coffee, many many years from now. We will definitely put in a good word about you to your grandchildren.


Whether you believe in Vaasthu or not, complying with it is surely going to bring no harm. We got your back covered on this one. We build the best vaasthu homes, for all the good luck and blessings to pour into your life.


We provide a copy of the Agreements you will be signing with us, for you to read and clear any doubts if needed. We ensure that all paper work and property documentation are handed over to you at the time when you step into your new home. We promise this to be a hassle- free experience. Now, let us see the documents that you get possession of.
1. All title deeds, possession certificates and Nil Encumbrance certificate
2. Complete area statements with detailed area break-up
3. Planning Permits and CMDA Approval drawing


We have already done it for you. However, if you or your banker feels that you need to take a look at the original title deeds, you are welcome to do so by all means.


We do the homework for you. The UDS calculations are worked out and provided to our customers at the time of booking of the apartment.


As a matter of practice and rule, we insist and ensure that the Builders Agreement and Agreement for Sale is the same and uniform for all buyers.


Payment schedule is always in accordance with work in progress. This would ensure that you don’t feel the pinch on your pockets. Further, all our projects are approved by all major banks; so getting a home loan organised is an easy process with us.


We totally believe that after sales service is the best way to attain maximum goodwill from our customers. We have a full fledged maintenance department with maintenance engineers working round the clock to support all maintenance calls.